2015 6-5 (90)


  • We stay together.
  • Teachers and adults open the doors of our classroom and the school.


  • We care for our things.  (As teachers introduce new materials, we observe and practice how to care for them.)
  • We clean up after ourselves.
  • We take responsibility for our personal belongings.

Relationships with others

  • We show respect for other people’s space.  We say, “Con permiso.” (Excuse me.) when we need to get by.
  • We listen with our eyes, our ears and our bodies.
  • We use kind words to express ourselves.  We say “Por favor” and “Gracias.”
  • When small problems occur we use Kelso’s choices.

Personal care

  • We learn to communicate our needs and wants with words.
  • We listen to our body when it is telling us something (thirsty, tired, need the bathroom, etc.)
  • We wash hands before eating and after using the bathroom.