Dear preschool parents

Have you noticed how observant your preschoolers are? Students have been inquiring about the environment around them.  They are noticing that the weather is changing and that the trees are changing color!  Teachers have responded to this natural inquiry by bringing pumpkins to the class and exploring the changing leaves.  In the playground a student noticed that the little tree on top of the hill was shedding it’s leaves “look it’s raining leaves!” so we all went to explore this natural phenomenon. When teacher asked “Me pregunto por que se caen las hojas de los arboles?”- I wonder why the trees loose their leaves?- students responded “because it’s fall” (duh), “because the wind blows them”, “because it’s cold and the trees shiver”.  What beautiful Fall weather we have had these past couple of days!

Halloween is approaching and students are talking about scary things in circle…. Perfect time to explore our scariest emotion of “asustado/asustada” – further.  We asked in circle “Que te asusta?”-what makes you feel scared? Here are some of the things preschoolers are scared of: “ghosts”, “being alone in my room”, “monsters”, “the dark”, “nothing, I’m brave!”, “when I can’t find my mommy”, “my mommy is afraid of spiders”.  We talked about how being scared can make us feel “shaky” – temblar and can make our heart race fast or make us sweat –sudar.  We asked students what helps them relax/calm down when they get scared, this is what they said “I go to my mommy’s bed”, “my mommy and daddy help me feel better”, “I get my special toy”, “I hug my lovies”.  Today we made “scary gak” with spiders!

Up-coming events:

G-DAY  Wednesday Oct. 16 from 9:00- 11:30 –  Students are very excited to have their granparents/grandfriends come to visit!

Here is a detailed schedule of events:

9:00 Arrive at the Gym to watch some amazing performances by all MIS students, this includes Preschoolers! They will perform a song in English and Spanish!

10:15 Guests arrive in the classrooms. We will have a Welcome Circle, read an interactive book and sing a “silly” song for our special guests.

Students will then invite guests to join them in centers.

Centers will include:

Making butterflies for our happy corners, sharing a relaxing cup of tea at our special (pretend) “tea party”, taking  funny/silly photos at our photo boothsharing our “Libritos de Emociones”– feelings books, building with different exciting construction materials, “writing” a feelings book with our special guests about how they felt when they were preschoolers and a calming play dough center.

11:30 We will close with a happy & fun song and say adios!

If your preschooler is leaving at this time with you or their special guest (grandparent), please let teachers know ahead of time to avoid confusion.

Parent-Teacher conferences: November 12-15th.  We have printed a schedule with a potential time slot to meet with you. If that date and time doesn’t work for you, you can change it to an available slot or talk to us about a another date & time.  If it looks good, then write your initials next to your students name. We are excited to meet with you and share all the amazing things your preschoolers are learning in class!

Have a wonder Fall-filled weekend!  Enjoy the photos!

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