Dear preschool parents,

We have started our new unit: WWA- who we are- the FAMILY unit!

This week we had a few provocations in class.  One of the provocations was the baby photos you sent- thank you for that! Students were fascinated to try to guess who was the baby in the photo and then talk about how they have grown and changed.   El Cambio- change, is a concept that we will be talking a lot about: “Como has cambiado? Como ha cambiado tu familia?”.  Some students noticed that they had less hair or another hair color, others noticed that their eye color changed or that their skin color got lighter, darker or less pink.  We have been talking about la familia– the family, “Que es una familia?” What is a family? What does it look like? to better gain an understanding of what they already know and speaking of families, please send photos of your family to share in class.

Next week we will begin to share family photos in circle and make Conexiones-connections with others’ families using the word “conexion“, another concept in this unit.  Please send family photos if you have not done so yet so that they can present their families in circle.  We will be talking about diversity in this unit, so if you have an unconventional family we would love to have you share that with us.

Next Friday November 1 we will celebrate Dia de los Muertos @ MIS.  Dia de los Muertos has been a traditon at MIS for many years and continues to be to this day.  This is also a good opportunity to talk about death as part of life in a way that is appropriate for young students. This is also a time when the MIS families or familias come together to share stories, read a book and make a fun activity together in little multi-age groups.  If you wish to send a photo of a loved one who has passed away or a beloved pet, please do so. We will take some time to talk about loss during circle time and honor them.

Here are the photos for this week!  Have a nice weekend.


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