Queridos padres!

Wow! what a fun and exciting week we had: New centers, Halloween, reading buddies and Dia de los Muertos! We continue to explore “familias” in circle conversations and in centers. This week we focused on cambio– change- in the family unit. We asked students “Como ha cambiado tu familia?” in small groups.  Students talked about how their families have changed through time using math as a component- primero, después y de último (first, then and last).  Although we use math daily in preschool (calendar, counting, etc) there are some units such as the family unit, where math concepts can be more intentionally incorporated. When we talk about our house we can use shapes- formas, cuentas-counting family members and using gráficas- to represent quantities, number placement when talking about birth order- who was born primero, segundo, tercero, etc.  Number value when representing family members, the concept of more or less when talking about age, measurement concepts: big/medium/small etc.

Preschoolers met their reading buddies for the first time this week. Every year we partner older students with younger ones to create connection and strengthen our MIS community. It was very sweet to see these 4/5 graders read and interact with our preschool class.

Friday, we celebrated Dia de los Muertos @ MIS.  We had a special circle in class to talk about loved ones and special pets who have passed away.  We took a moment to remember each one in a quiet classroom remembrance activity where students drew their picture and put them in the altar.  Later on, full day students joined their reading buddies in their familias to participate on Dia de los Muertos activities. What are familias you ask?  Familias is a unique MIS tradition where students from different grade levels get together in small groups in order to create community within our school.  Students get together in their familias during different school wide events such as Dia de los Muertos and create connections in a multi-age level.  Preschoolers were open-minded and brave when joining these familia groups and had a lot of fun!

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