Queridos padres,

This week we have switched our focus from change to responsibility through our line of inquiry: How we share responsibilities in our family.  We asked students questions like “Quien lava la ropa?“-who washes the clothes in your family?, “Quien cocina?“-who does the cooking in your family? “Quien lava los platos?” who washes the dishes in your family? “Quien cuida al bebe?” -who takes care of the baby?  We introduced “los deberes de la casa”-household chores through play in the “house” center where we observed how students shared these responsibilities.  Soon they were playing actively, assigning roles and using collaborative skills to work together as members of a family “I am the mom and I take care of the baby”, “I am the big sister and I wash the dishes”, “I’m the big brother and I hang the clothes”, “I’m the other sister and I wash the clothes”, “I am the other mom and I cook. There are two moms in this family”.  Students were excited about hanging clothes on the hanging line, so they had to use good communication skills to ask and negotiate turns, be flexible and make compromises using Kelso’s choice to make a deal “how many more minutes?”or make a plan to compromise “how about you hang and I give you the clothespins?”.  It was very touching to see older students help younger students hang clothes.

Lice in preschool update:  We just wanted to put your minds at ease that all the bedding, pillows, couch covers etc have been washed and the classroom has been thoroughly cleaned.  We have no doubt that by Tuesday our class will be lice-free. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. In the mean time, please make sure to check your preschooler at home and bring back clean bedding/pillows/covers if you haven’t done so already.  We would also appreciate you  talking with your preschoolers at home about being sensitive over this matter and not making assumptions on who had these unwanted friends. In school lice happens and we want to be caring and kind with each other. This was a long weekend and numbers were low because of travel plans.  We appreciate your understanding on this pesky matter. Thank you always for your support.

Have a great long weekend! See you Tuesday, Nov. 12.

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NO SCHOOL  Monday November 12

Parent/teacher conferences Tuesday, November 12- Friday, November 15.  We are looking forward to speaking about how much your preschooler has grown!