School is definitely underway! Going on our 5th week, students are feeling more and more confident in class, making connections with others and learning Spanish fast!

This week we continued to focus on feelings/emotions.  We read the book titled “El Monstruo de Colores” (The Color Monster) in our small group time.  If you are not familiar with this book, it’s the story of a monster whose emotions are mixed up.  His best friend helps him identify every emotion he’s feeling and categorize them into jars using the corresponding colors: AMARILLO, ROJO, AZUL, VERDE and NEGRO (a new emotion) “scared”- Asustado. We then asked students what makes them feel scared- Que te hace sentir asustado? Some of the answers were: “the dark”, “when I get lost”, “if I can’t find my mommy”, “ghosts”, “when I’m alone in my bed”.  Students used communication skills to talk about their own emotions as they took yarn from the mixed up basket to place in the corresponding emotion jar.  We also read the book “Cuando Sofia Se Enoja, Se Enoja Deveras”- “When Sophie Gets Angry, Really Really Angry”, which prompted a lot of conversation in circles.  We talked about “anger”- el enojo/enfado and asked students where in their bodies they felt it. To no surprise, they said or pointed to the belly, head and chest.  We compared being angry to a volcano (like in the book)- how it begins deep down until it explodes (as Sofia did). Then we talked about how she calmed herself down and asked “Que te ayuda a calmarte? some of the answers were: “go to my room”, “my mommy”, “being alone”, “my doggie”.  Later on students explored cause and effect by combining baking soda and vinegar to create volcanic explosions and built volcanoes with tubes using red pompoms for the lava flow in the construction center as well.

It is wonderful to see students apply all that we have been learning in class thus far.  They draw pictures to each other and use nice words/complements to fill-a-bucket. They also use their words rather than actions “that doesn’t fill my bucket” to express emotions. Students are also using Kelso’s choice to solve problems/conflict pára no me gusta” -stop! dame espacio”– give me some space, “me lo das porfavor?”-can you give it back please? etc. We encourage students to be problem solvers and use at least 2 of Kelso’s choices before reporting to a teacher.  This enables students to learn to solve “small” problems on their own.  We talk about what is a small problem that can be resolved using Kelso and what is a BIG problem that needs to be reported immediately to a grown up.  For example, sharing and taking turns can be resolved using Kelso’s choice, but if something makes us scared –algo que nos da miedo– we need to tell a teacher right away.  We see students taking action in solving their own problems every day or using classroom tools to calm down emotions. We are off to a great start!

As the weather starts to get colder, we would like to remind you to dress your preschoolers in warm clothes and make sure to bring a set of extra clothes (pants/long-sleeve shirts, socks) to have in their clothes boxes.  It will be messy weather until ground freezes completely.  Coats, hats, gloves, snow pants and boots will be necessary as temperatures drop. Please start practicing independence at home by letting your child attempt to get dress on his/her own! We will continue to encourage independence at school by allowing students to manage their own belongings and dress themselves.

Have a wonderful long weekend and stay warm.

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NO SCHOOL Monday Sept. 30- Professional development day.

G-DAY Oct. 16– more details closer to the date.

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