Hello Parents!

What an adventure we had exploring the hip-strip down town Missoula!  We got to see, smell, touch and explore our community as a whole group through hands on learning.  As you know, we have been talking about our community in class these past weeks, but nothing beats the chance to actually experience being a part of it as a class.

We started our adventure on the bus where students were able to see familiar places: “I see the river!”, “I see the M“, “That’s where you get married! (the court house)” “That’s a stop sign”, “I have been there!” etc.  We headed towards the hip-strip down town where we first stopped for a quick snack at Bernice’s Bakery- la panaderia. Some students knew the place while it was new to others. One of the workers, panadera Jenny, told us that they were busy working in making cakes for Mother’s Day.  Once everyone had a snack, Mishel’s group headed to Noteworthy where worker Candice showed us how they make cards! Ask your preschooler about the máquinas– machines that print cards.  Ana’s group went to Shakespeare & Co.- la librería –the book store down town and read a book together.  Taking turns, we went to the Clarkfork Coalition where an MIS parent, John DeArment AKA- “the river man” as preschoolers called him, told us about the amazing job they do to keep our Clarkfork river clean in Missoula. This year, during the Annual River Clean-up on Earth Day, they pulled 3 tons of garbage out of the river, which compared to last year’s 8 tons it’s a big improvement. We made a connection by talking about how we cleaned our preschool playground on Earth Day too!  As we continued our walk around the hip-strip, we saw a peluquería– barber shop, a zapatería– shoe repair shop, a taller-car shop where the mecánico works, Le Petit- another bakery and a restaurante, where people were sitting down and eating yummy food.  We went into a shop called Up-cycle where they make new things out of garbage! We saw wallets made with bicycle inner tubes, pretty earrings made from old skate boards, puppets made from old sweaters and a lot of other things.  We also went into Jeannette Rankin Peace Center where worker Jessica and Jenny talked to us about selling items from all over the world at a fair price to help kids like us go to school. Worker Jessica read us The Peace Book, what it means to have peace in the world and we discovered that Peace means more than just being quiet.  From there, we headed to our final stop and one of our favorite places in Missoula, The Big Dipper- la heladeria- where we had lunch and yummy ice-cream! Thanks to Kirsten and Meaghan for getting us delicious huckleberry and chocolate helado.  It was definitely the high- light of our trip! Thank you to all the wonderful chaperones, Jamie, Ted, Alivia, Kirsten, Meaghan, Kolani, Tonya & Sonya for coming along and being such great helpers! We couldn’t have done it without you.


Field trip to PEAS farm May 21st. Let us know if you would like to chaperone.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of the wonderful moms & caregivers in our community.

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Mishel & Ana