Queridos padres,

We enjoyed another week of working together and exploring different jobs and favorite places in our community, Missoula. In the meantime, students are cooperating building a 3D model of Missoula, stop by in the classroom and ask your child to share with you the admirable community they are creating.

We keep on being busy with their “trabajos” in the classroom. Students are very committed and excited with their responsibilities. Ask your child what her/his job has been this week. I am sure they will be happy to share that with you.

In centers this week, students had the opportunity to choose where they wanted to “work”: Upcycled, The Food Bank, Bernice’s Bakery, The Flower Shop, Noteworthy (they have been printing beautiful cards with a machine that Mishel brought to the classroom), The ice-cream place (they still couldn’t decide if it was Big Deeper or Sweet Peak, since these two have been very popular in our conversations). Another center was called “La Casa” (the house) which brought a lot of ideas on how to make connections between centers. They wanted to take their babies for ice-cream, Bernice’s Bakery, to the doctor and the supermarket. Busy and funny week.

Thanks parents for all your help and please tell us if your child talks about something related to the community and places in Missoula. We’d love to hear it!

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Hope you have a beautiful weekend. Enjoy!

Mishel, Ana and Eric.