Queridos padres,

Welcome to preschool!  Each Friday we will provide you with insights into your child’s week.  We will explain some of the learning and playing that is taking place and share photos of our activities.  We will also keep you informed of upcoming events.

This week  preschoolers enjoyed getting to know their classroom, classmates and teachers!  Teachers provided plenty of sensory opportunities such as play dough, water, and different materials as well as some objects passed around the circle.  All of these materials help them develop small motor strength and coordination.  During play we are observing social and communication skills in development.  In circle we taught a few magic phrases in Spanish:  “por favor” and “juntos y seguros”  We model asking for toys using the words for “please” and extending our hands in front of us.  Preschoolers are learning to ask rather than take toys from others.  Let us know if you hear “por favor” at home!

The classroom has seven learning centers: Construction, Science, Communication, Imagination, Art, Math and Quiet(Library).  In centers, preschoolers built with blocks and used toy cars, added sea creatures and color to water, play picnic and went camping in imagination center, assembled puzzles, and explored play dough with tools of different shapes and textures.  On the playground, we swung, ran and dug.  The variety of choices helped them stay engaged even though they were missing you!

Thank you for your support on getting your little one used to the routine.

Have a great 3 day weekend, we’ll see you on Tuesday!

See Photos here