Dear Preschool Parents,

Using the central idea for our current unit: “The way we express and reflect on our feelings affects ourselves and others” we’ve been extensively reflecting and talking about our feelings every day,  we question How do you feel today? Why do you feel that way? Do you think you are we going to feel that way all day? Probably not! students are realizing they feel different throughout the day and they are taking action changing their photo from “Enojado” to “Feliz” or from “Sad” to “Calm”.

This week students practiced drawing a picture of  their friends acting different feelings, students were great risk takers trying their best art work and they were great observers looking at face features to understand how the other person is feeling. They had the best comments while doing this!

We were also working with patterns , numbers, ‘moon sand’ to enjoy sensory activities and putting cardboard pieces together to build in construction center.

We are looking forward to Grandparents day next Wednesday October 16th. Students are very excited!

Remember No school October 17th and 18th for Professional Development.

Have a great Weekend!

Photos here!