Queridos Padres de Preescolar,

Reminder: no school Monday and conferences next week.

We have the visit of our reading buddies this week! 4/5 graders were great connecting and getting to know their reading partner. We’ll keep meeting with this special friends every month.

Thanks to all the parents who sent the photos to prepare our students’ books about growing and changing as a family!  Your children are showing a lot of love and pride as they work on their books!   We talked again about family members that live near and family members that live far.  We talked about how babies grow and learn just like puppies grow and learn.  In our play, we explored another change that happens in families: moving to a new house! Our furniture in imagination center moves every day to our quiet center space, some students relate to this changes and some of them have lived in the same house for all their lives.

We are also talking about responsibilities in our house, who does the dishes?, who does laundry? who picks up the toys? what would happen if nobody do shores? Students had very interesting and some funny stories to share.

Teachers asked students if one person could be a family.  One child explained that  you need other people to be a family.  Most preschoolers thought that a family should have the same number of people as they have in their families, other students mentioned that you need a dad and a mom to be a family,   One child explained that you need to have all your family to be happy and that just one person might be sad.  We are learning quite a bit about different kinds of families and we are also learning that even when our families are different we have many things in common.

Please let us know if you’ve heard any comments about this topic in your child conversations at home.