Dear Preschool Parents,

We have had couple of busy weeks at school,  please take the time to admire your child’s self -portrait exhibited inside the classroom. They feel very proud of their hard work!

We’ve seen a lot of beautiful moments in class lately.  We have seen students filling buckets by giving hugs when somebody is feeling sad (triste) or inviting a friend to play when they are feeling left out.

Students are moving their passports from center to center(Passports are the photo cards preschoolers use to choose a place in a center.) Sometimes the center is full and they choose a different one, this brings out many feelings.  We have heard words like disappointed, triste o enojado.

We continue to find tools that help us manage our feelings.  This week we worked on making ‘calming bottles’ that we shake to show how we feel when we are enojados then we watch the sand and glitter settle down, just like our feelings.

We are also practicing breathing or using Pom Poms to squeeze and feel calm.  Many of our tools will be gathered near our green Peace Chair.  Teachers are curious to see how the tools will be used.

Loryn, our art teacher is working with our preschoolers in a collection of images from a book by Eric Carle to make a wonderful collage just in time for Gday (Grandparents Day – Wednesday, October 16).  Our Music teacher, Natalie, is practicing now familiar songs of our MIS community in English and Spanish such as “La arana pequenita” “Cabeza, hombros, rodillas, pies” and “llenar un balde“.

Thank you for attending our  first MIS Parent meeting last night. Each parent attending can claim 2 hours of parent volunteer hours.

Save the date for  GDay celebration. October 16th,

Please remember that we do not have class on Monday September 30th!  It is a professional development day for teachers.

Preschool:  where playing is learning!  See our photos!