Queridos Padres:

Our first whole week of school went more smoothly, as children felt more comfortable with class routines and are beginning to understand Spanish. It is very rewarding to hear them repeat words in Spanish, such as  “porfavor” regularly. During lunch we encourage them to ask “me lo abres profavor” (can you open it please) and when they want a push on the swing “empujame por favor“.  They are quickly learning that  “por favor” is a magic word even in Spanish!

We have divided the class into two groups for circle time and specialists. Jairo’s group is the “Orugas” (Caterpillars) and Diana’s group is the “Conejos” (Bunnies). At circle time it is amazing to see children participating more.  They are dancing and singing with more confidence.   Also, during circle we are learning to pass an object.  Children are learning to say “por favor” with their hands extended and after receiving the object, they are saying “gracias”.  We are learning the days of the week and counting the calendar. They are learning to use “para no me gusta” when a classmate is doing something not appropriate.

We started classes with specialists,  children enjoyed painting coffee filters in Loryn’s art class and ‘Filling Buckets’ with Teacher Natalie in Music class.

We use our fine motor skills in the Science Center building mountains, hiding shells, glass pebbles and sea creatures.   Also, at the science center, we made the wheels move with sand, and used funnels (embudos) of different sizes to pour sand through. In math we matched figures, began learning colors, and counted.  In writing center, we practiced spelling our names or last names with magnetic letters. In Imagination center we are taking care of babies, a great opportunity to practicing our social skills.

Today we did our first fire drill,  children cooperated and did a great job walking quietly outside the school.  Your child might want to share with you her/his feelings about it.

As the weather gets colder, it will be chillier on our playground as we are near the Hellgate Canyon.  Please make sure that your child is appropriately dressed.

Finally, a big thank you for meeting with us to share your Hopes and Dreams for your child’s school year,  we are available to meet with you next week if you haven’t done this yet.

Photos here!