We are happy to report that all students had an amazing tear-free week of school!  New students are quickly adjusting to the new routine, making connections and learning Spanish fast: Me lo abres porfavor– open please, Ayudame porfavor– help me please, Empujame porfavor– push me please (swings), Lavate las manos– wash your hands, Saca tu lonchera– take out your lunch, Saca tu camita– take out your nap bed, A comer– time to eat, A la fila – to the line, are among some of the vocabulary they are quickly acquiring!

We have officially started our first unit of inquiry: HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES– the feelings unit.  In circle, we introduced four basic emotions: happy Feliz, sad Triste, angry Enojado and calm Calmado/Tranquilo.  Every morning we ask students “Como te sientes hoy?” -How do you feel today? Students then put themselves (small photos of themselves) on an emotion chart. Throughout the course of this unit we will explore our emotions more, add new emotions to our chart and learn about tools we can use to calm our emotions as they occur.  We have already introduced a couple of tools: La silla de paz– the quiet/peaceful chair where students can go and take a break when they feel sad or frustrated and respirar adentro y  afuera – breathe in and out using an expanding sphere to visualize breathing.

In class we have been using Kelso’s choice to solve problems.  Kelso helps us make good choices such as using our words to solve a problem – pára no me gusta – stop I don’t like what you are doing, take turns – puedo tener un turno porfavor? among other options like making a deal – Cuantos minutos más? – In how many minutes can I …..?  We encourage students to be active problem solvers before seeking teacher’s assistance.  We have also read the book “Fill-A-Bucket” in class, a book some of our students were already familiar with, and continue to encourage students to Fill-a-bucket every day by using kind words, being inclusive and learning to share/take turns.  Teachers use language from this book to acknowledge when students make good choices that fill buckets “gracias, me llenaste el balde”– you filled my bucket or “le llenaste el balde a tu amingo/a” -you filled your friend’s bucket.  These words teach students that our actions affect the feelings of others.

This week, we also separated larger group into two smaller circle groups:

Las Ranitas Rojas y Las Ranitas Verdes : the little Red frogs and the little Green frogs.  Although students will be in separate circles to make it easier and more manageable for teachers and students, they all have time together to play and interact with each other. Please don’t hesitate to talk to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you to all of you who have met with us to share your Hopes & Dreams for your preschooler this year. It has been a pleasure getting to know you better and learn more about each individual student.  Our Hope & Dream this year for our class is that we can build a great community where students can feel safe and blossom socially, emotionally and grow as learners.

Have a great weekend!


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